Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I start a new blog in English

My name is Masao Maeda and my online name is brtRiver.
I am a web developer in Japan.
I want to study English and to make friends all over the world.
So I start to write a new blog about the snippets of the web development in English.
Please feel free to follow me "brtriver" on twitter.

Mainly about PHP (symfony, CakePHP and so on..), I'll post :)


  1. hi there,
    I just stop by to your blog browse some snippet that you've written :D

    Actually, there's a big question in my mind, "how symfony world in japan ?"
    is it popular? how many developer in there?

  2. Symfony is one of the very popular framework in Japan because there is Symfony Japan User Group.

    http://www.symfony.gr.jp/ (Japanese Only)

    Almost Documentations are translated to Japanese and a new Japanese Symfony Book will be published in this month.

    I think Cakephp is the most popular and Symfony is next in Japan.