Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank you for PHPMatsuri!

PHPMatsuri 2010 took place on October 2nd and 3rd in Japan.
I took part in this event so I wrote my impression about it with not only tweeting but writing my blog.

You can look at the pictures at flicker

This event let me give a lot of things for just two days.

Workshop with core developers
In this event, the workshops of CakePHP, Lithium and Symfony2 were held on the afternoon of the first day.
Each core developer was the teacher of the workshop!

I have just been able to join the Symfony2 workshop. In this workshop, Kris Wallsmith showed us how to create an application, which is like a twitter with Symfony2 and Doctrine2.
It's very awesome!

We had seen how to solve when errors had occurred on the way to write codes and how to use the filter function of Textmate when searching the Doctrine methods.
And I was surprised that his typing of namespaces was too fast!

This workshop was in English at first, but thanks for @mackstar interpreting, we could communicated with each other.
And I thought it great that all participants would make a noble effort to understand by English and @hidenorigoto tried to ask him in English.

English or Die

@hyoshiok told us that English is very important for Japanese developers. I think so too and I felt it in this event indeed.
I think my English is not enough to communicate with others.
At symfony meet up Tokyo last year, I could hardly told with Fabien in English.
So, when I would decide to participate this event, I started to study English on my way to my office and join an English speaking society.
At the results, I think my English is still poor now but I could communicate a little with core developers, Nate, Joel, Graham and Kris.

At this time, as I tried to use Lithium and MongoDB to create an web service, I was very happy that I could ask a question to Nate and Joel directly.

From now, I would try to participate the conference abroad and send much information in English :-)


I am developing an web service, Sukonv. It is a project with @hidenorigoto and @cakephper. And in this event, we wrote codes about this.
It is far from complete but We could show this application demo at the Hack Demo in the second day.

Sukonv is a web service for developers with php frameworks. Anyone will be able to post the tips for each framework and share them or search them.
And I could get the prize at the Hack Demo! Thank you a lot!

I experienced and leaned a lot from PHPMatsuri and I have recognized that I make use of this experience.

At the last, Thanks for the staffs which use all their resources to PHPMatsuri!