Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Japanese Symfony 1.4 book has been published!

On March 23, a new Japanese symfony(1.4) book had been published!

In Japan, there are a lot of technological books for PHP. but there was no Japanese symfony book for ver 1.4.
Until now there were two books for ver 1.0.
I had written one of Japanese symfony books for ver 1.0 in 2007. It's 4 years ago! Those who wanted to learn symfony and buy Japanese books always said that they couldn't buy symfony books because it's too old. I think that a lot of Japanese developers would like to buy books as well as read it online. Now People focus on Symfony2 but symfony1.4 is stable and the current Long Term Support release, so symfony 1.4 is used in a lot of projects. It's very important for developers to buy this book.

This book has been written by members of the Japanese Symfony user group. They are specialists who use symfony in Japan. So this book includes a lot of tips in practice. We hope this book helps Japanese developers who learn and understand symfony.

And Fabien and Stefan gave us messages for this book. Thanks a lot!

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